Best Of Blind Tiger


Friday, February 15


Little Mountain Gallery

Doors Open

10:00 PM

Show Time

10:30 PM
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Blind Tiger Comedy is Vancouver’s home for alternative comedy. This show features not one but three outstanding improv teams that will make you laugh, hard.

Doctor Cousins
Doctor Cousins are Blind Tiger Comedy's newest and coolest* house team. Directed by Devin Mackenzie, this group of bright eyed and fresh faced comedy cuties will make you laugh and keep you guessing. Are they doctors? Are they cousins? If they're both, does the medical board allow such things? Doctor Cousins is Graeme Achurch, Denea Campbell, Meredith Hama-Brown, Daniel Jeffery, David Manuel, and Vanessa Level.

Under the direction of comedy powerhouse Amy Shostak, Szyslak serves up fresh, fast, and sharp improv. Their style is always witty and never stale. Szyslak is made up of Ryan Anderson, Will Dunn, Jenny Rubé and Geoff Walter.

Reynolds is Maarten Bayliss, Racquel Belmonte, Stacey McLachlan, Malcolm McLeod and Amy Prouty. This Blind Tiger house team has performed all over the place, including at Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, the Del Close Improv Marathon in New York and Vancouver International Improv Festival right here at home.

All Ages