Comedy Short Shorts


Sunday, February 17


Vancity Theatre

Doors Open

5:00 PM

Show Time

6:00 PM
Show Details

Sometimes the best things can found in our own backyard! The Comedy Short Shorts showcase will feature the top comedic short films from the Pacific Northwest, as we shed a spotlight on our homegrown filmmakers. Films will be voted on by a jury of industry judges, with the first place winner taking home a $1000 CAD and package from our sponsors. They’ll then go head-to-head with the “World Wide Shorts” winner for the grand prize: a coveted screening slot at the internationally renowned Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal this upcoming July.




Breaking Down the Wall

World Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Michael Finnamore
Producers: Michael Finnamore, Adriana Guerrero
Screenwriter: Michael Finnamore
Cast: Cardi Wong, Kristof Gillese


When a snarky high school student is kidnapped by a shady organization, he learns that he wields a power far greater than he could have possibly imagined; the ability to break the fourth wall.

Currently Trending

World Premiere
Canada, 2018
Directors: Colin Cowan, Johnny Payne
Producers: Colin Cowan, Johnny Payne
Screenwriters: Colin Cowan, Johnny Payne
Cast: Colin Cowan, Johnny Payne


Two 'regular guys' spend the rest of their lives absorbing all trending content on Instagram, until one of them faces his ultimate demise.


World Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Michela Ross
Producers: Levi McCachen, Chatoyer Jackson, Michela Ross
Screenwriter: Levi McCachen
Cast: Tannar Gillespie


A man of devout faith has a tragic and fatal accident as he is leaving church. Upon getting to the afterlife he is greeted by several deities. For as long as he can remember he has been longing to ask them one question - what is the meaning of life? Their answer surprises him.

Next Stop

BC Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Brad Gibson
Producer: Brad Gibson
Screenwriter: Brad Gibson
Cast: Jason Campbell, Jon Busby, Jesse Cote, Brad Gibson, Andrew Lucas, Carlos Rossell


One overweight train passenger unintentionally disrupts everyone's commute. All walks of life are joined together in a gag filled series of stops and starts on route to their destination.

Oh Shit

World Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Joshua Hinkson
Producers: Joshua Hinkson, Jessica Hinkson
Screenwriter: Joshua Hinkson
Cast: Teagan Vincze, Joshua Hinkson


A man and a woman meet online and decide to go on a first date but they don't even make it around the block.

Pyramid Scream

World Premiere
Canada, 2018
Directors: Ryan Steele, Amy Goodmurphy
Producers: Ryan Steele, Amy Goodmurphy
Screenwriters: Ryan Steele, Amy Goodmurphy
Cast: Amy Goodmurphy, Ryan Steele, Keisha Haines, Evan Spergel, Tommy Cole, Frances Flanagan


A young woman finds herself the target of several disturbing propositions.


Encore Presentation
Canada, 2018
Director: Melanie M Jones
Producers: Kristyn Stilling, Amelia Morris, Rhona Rees
Screenwriter: Melanie M Jones
Cast: Rhona Reese. Ed Witzke, Agnes Tong, Audrey Smallman, Patrick Lubczyk, Simon Chin


Winnie Callaghan puts the bad in Badminton. She should have had it all, the medals, the fame, the glory - but an unfortunate accident took all that away. When her former rival announces a charity game at her local club, Winnie will stop at nothing to prove she's a winner.


Canadian Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Kevin Saxby
Producers: Kevin Saxby, Jake Pascoe
Screenwriter: Kevin Saxby
Kevin Saxby


In the shadows of a derelict jazz club, a private investigator named Steve meets with the adulterous man he's been following for the past month. He has explicit photos of the man's affair, and an ultimatum to boot: Steve won't go to the man's wife with the photos, IF the man gives him whatever is locked in his briefcase. Seems pretty straightforward. So why is the man laughing?

Touches From Beyond

World Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Nima Gholamipour
Producers: Connor Tkachuk, Katie So
Screenwriter: Nima Gholamipour
Emmett Hall, Nima Gholamipour, Ese Atawo


When a Crypto Coin investor is haunted by a vicious ghost dog, host Julian brings in an animal medium to train the dog to sit, stay, and play dead in the land of the living.