Sorry For Your Loss


Tuesday, February 19


Vancity Theatre

Doors Open

5:30 PM

Show Time

6:30 PM
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When Ken (Justin Bartha) an exhausted, and somewhat reluctant, new Dad is told that his estranged father has passed away, he has a choice to make - ignore the call or fly cross country for the funeral of a man he hardly knew. At his wife’s (Inbar Lavi) insistence, he heads back to his home town, where he learns that his father has left him money in his will, ONLY if he’s able to dump his ashes on the field of his favorite sports team. Easier said than done, but with the help of his Dad’s oldest and least reputable friend (Bruce Greenwood), his lonely Mother (Lolita Davidovitch), they hatch a plan - well, several plans actually - that might just get the remains, and even Ken, where they need to be, in a film that proves there’s nothing about dying that makes you a saint.

NOTE: There will be a short Q&A with Collin Friesen (Director, Writer), Darrin Rose (Actor) and Tony Wosk (Producer) after the screening, moderated by Mark Leiren-Young.


YEAR: 2018




RUN TIME: 100 minutes


PREMIERE STATUS: Vancouver Premiere


GENRE: Comedy


DIRECTOR: Collin Friesen


PRODUCERS: Tony Wosk, Kyle Bornais


SCREENWRITER: Collin Friesen


LEAD CAST: Justin Bartha, Bruce Greenwood, Inbar Lavi, Sandrine Holt, Lolita Davidovich, Kevin McDonald, Darrin Rose

CONTACT: Middle Child Films





Collin Friesen is an MFA graduate in screenwriting from the American Film Institute.  Collin realized long ago that writing about himself in the third person makes him dizzy.  After moving to LA, he sold a lot of stuff to HBO (two things) Universal (one thing) and Fox Searchlight (kind of a half a thing). He’s worked on CBC’s hit series “Schitt’s Creek”,  the “X Files” spinoff “The Lone Gunmen” for Fox TV, was selected to join the Paramount Apprenticeship Writers Program and has scripted (“Scripted” as a verb? Look at me, I write for Variety!) many feature films including The Big White with Robin Williams and Holly Hunter, The Con Artist with Donald Sutherland and his boy, as well as a few he fixed but didn’t get credit for.


Collin has directed three short film including Farm Sluts for Fox Searchlab starring Chris Parnell (SNL, Archer), Arden Myren (Fresh Off The Boat) and Rick Hoffman (Suits). His other films are the comedies Feather Weights and Tested. He is currently developing his TV series NGO for IFC and other acronyms.

Darrin Rose



Darrin Rose is an award-winning television writer and one of Canada’s most popular comedians. He is currently a writer on the CBS sitcom Happy Together starring Damon Wayans Jr. and plays Bill on the hit CBC sitcom Mr. D, now in its eighth season. He has appeared twice on The Late Late Show on CBS, on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network. Darrin was the host of the Match Game on the Comedy Network and is an eight-time performer at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. He has written on the sitcoms Mr. D and Spun Out (starring Dave Foley), developed shows for Disney, CBC and CTV, and won a Writer’s Guild of Canada award for Best Script (Animation). He appears in the feature film Sorry For Your Loss starring Justin Bartha and Bruce Greenwood, also playing at the Vancouver Just For Laughs Film Festival.

Tony Wosk



Producer Tony Wosk has been working in Canada's film and television industry for his entire career and has held positions including Executive in Charge of Production, TV Comedy at CBC Television, Director Acquisitions & Development at Christal Films Distribution and Senior Film & Distribution analyst at Telefilm Canada.  Among his producing and executive producing credits are comedies Sorry For Your Loss with Justin Bartha and Bruce Greenwood; Room For Rent starring Brett Gelman, Mark McKinney, Mark Little, Carla Gallo and Stephnie Weir; thriller The Samaritan starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ruth Negga and Tom Wilkinson and documentary Lost Heroes: The Untold Story of Canadian Superheroes. Tony is originally from Vancouver, Canada and now lives in Toronto despite his family’s best efforts to bring him home.

Moderated By Mark Leiren-Young


Mark Leiren-Young won the Leacock Medal for humour for his debut book, Never Shoot a Stampede Queen. An award-winning  screenwriter, director, playwright and journalist, he was editor of Reel West and covered the Canadian entertainment scene for The Hollywood Reporter, The Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Straight and publications around the world.

He hosts the popular environmental podcast Skaana. @leirenyoung

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World Premiere

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Director: Darrin Rose

Producer: Courtney Hicks

Screenwriter: Darrin Rose

Cast: K Trevor Wilson, Jackie Pirico, DeAnne Smith, Aisha Brown, Cara Connors, Juliana Rodrigues


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