World Wide Shorts


Sunday, February 17


Vancity Theatre

Doors Open

3:00 PM

Show Time

4:00 PM
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You know what they say – the world is a funny place! With submissions coming in from across the globe, this showcase is composed of some of the world’s greatest comedic shorts. Films will be voted on by a jury of industry judges, with the first place winner taking home a $1000 CAD cash prize and package from our sponsors. They’ll then go head-to-head with the “Comedy Short Shorts” winner for the grand prize: a coveted screening slot at the internationally renowned Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal this upcoming July.





World Premiere
USA, 2018
Director: Whit Conway
Producers: Whit Conway, Asher Perlman
Writer: Asher Perlman
Cast: Asher Perlman, Scotty Nelson


Two friends sit down with their laptops, intent on holding each other accountable and getting some work done, but find it difficult to stay focused.

Bait and Switch

Vancouver Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Phil Moniz
Producers: Lewis Spring, Ben Morgentaler, John Mavro
Screenwriters: Lewis Spring, Ben Morgentaler, John Mavro
Cast: May Grehan, James Christopher


A young woman's perception of beauty is challenged when she discovers that her tinder date lied in his profile.

CONSENT: A Short Comedy About a Serious Subject

North American Premiere
USA, 2018
Director: Kimmy Gatewood
Producers: Rebekka Johnson, Kimmy Gatewood
Screenwriter: Rebekka Johnson
Cast: Rebekka Johnson, Tate Ellington, Oscar Montoya, Jackie Tohn, Sarah Lowe, Dwayne Colbert


A singer ignores her fan's consent in this romantic comedy gone wrong. An allegory about sexual assault with absolutely no sex.

Library of God

Canadian Premiere
Norway, 2018
Director: Stian Hafstad
Producer: Ina Remme
Screenwriter: Stian Hafstad
Cast: Peter Forde, Lasse Vermeli


When Knut-Ronny receives a letter from the Library of God stating his life isn't important enough to be included in the Holy Collection, he sets out to prove his worth.


B.C. Premiere
USA, 2018
Director: Jerome Sable
Producers: Jerome Sable, Nicholas Musurca
Screenwriters: Jerome Sable, Nicholas Musurca
Cast: Kimberly Alexander, Brayden Scott, Joseph Mazzella


An Instagram mom meets the monster that lives in the internet.

Psycho Jesus

World Premiere
United States, 2018
Director: James Manzell
Producer: James Manzello
Screenwriter: James Manzello
Cast: James Manzello, Matt Pavich, Adam Demerath, and Jimmy Joe McGurl


When Christian missionaries David and Asher show up on crazy Tommy's doorstep to ask him if he's found Jesus Christ, they're shocked to find out that he has...literally.

Refraction Sector

B.C. Premiere
Canada, 2018
Director: Taylor Brown
Producer: Laina Brown
Screenwriter: Nate Flaman
Cast: Spencer Adamus, Angie St. Mars


One man on his way to work is called to an epic adventure by his sentient radio.


B.C. Premiere
U.K., 2018
Director: Ben Mitchell
Producer: Laura-Beth Cowley 
Screenwriter: Ben Mitchell
Cast: Laura-Beth Cowley, Fiona Viani-Pericchi, Ben Mitchell


A day at the beach takes a gruesome turn when triplets Lily, Milly and Billy attempt a prank on their grumpy ol' dad.

Turkey's Done

World Premiere
USA, 2018
Directors: Monique Impagliazzo & Jennifer Tini
Producers: Jennifer Tini, Krystal Tini, Monique Impagliazzo
Screenwriters: Monique Impagliazzo, Jennifer Tini, Krystal Tini, Cheri Oteri
Cast: Cheri Oteri, Al Sapienza, Vic DiBitetto


Peaches Bracco is a loving, loud-mouthed housewife who is excited to have her husband home and out of the slammer after a 10-year stint for his first Thanksgiving. As she prepares a loving feast she finds a lipstick mark on one of his "good shirts" and soon the preparation moves in another direction and she plans her surprise attack for his arrival. Meanwhile, Dino is out cruising around his old stomping grounds, listening to smooth tunes, basking in his freedom unaware his wife is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in this holiday comedy "Turkey's Done".

Vanishing Act

World Premiere
USA, 2018
Director: Rose O'Shea
Producers: Gabrielle Kovacich, Andrew Hansen
Screenwriter: Andrew Hansen
Cast: Andrew Hansen, Luke Klompien, Hillary Anne Matthews


A narcissistic actor in crisis enlists a dangerous criminal to give him a new identity after making an astoundingly bad movie.

Zoo Animals

Canadian Premiere
USA, 2018
Director: Francisco Ramos
Producer: Stephen Laddin
Screenwriters: Stephen Laddin, Francisco Ramos
Cast: Francisco Ramos, Jade Catta-Preta


A man is invited inside a woman's home after their date and tries to entertain her young son.