2018 Vancouver Comedy Award Winners & Nominees

Favourite Comedy Room: Little Mountain Gallery
Fox Cabaret
Yuk Yuk’s
the Comedy MIX

Most Likely to Ask for a Pen: Ryan Williams
Kyle Bottom
Ross Dauk
Alex Sparling

Best Crowd work: Dino Archie
Alex Sparling
The Sunday Service
Graham Clark

Best Merchandise: The Lady Show
Kathleen McGee
Chris Gordon
Kevin Banner

Biggest Humble Bragger: John Cullen
James Kennedy
Darcy Michael
Patrick Maliha

Rampant Male Shirtlessness Award: Chris Griffin
Sam Tonning
Chris Gordon
Ryan Williams

Best Comedy Podcast: Stop Podcasting Yourself
Kathleen McGee’s A Hot Mess
What’s So Funny
Retail Nightmares

Most Likely to Give You A Ride Home After A Show: Abdul Aziz
Travis Watters
Ryan Gunther
Patrick Maliha

Best Dressed: Katie-Ellen Humphries
Ivan Decker
Dino Archie
Sophie Buddle

Best Open Mic: Stand-Up & Deliver
Magic Mic
Goldie’s Bomb Shelter
Benny’s Bagels

Best Weekly: Laugh Gallery at Havana
The Sunday Service
Komedy at the Kino
Full Pint

Best Monthly:  Barely Legal
The Lady Show
Roast Battles
Graham Clark’s Quiz Show

Best Import: Mayce Galoni
Efthimios Nasiopoulos
Abdul Aziz
Karl Sullivan

Best Album: Ivan Decker I Wanted to be a Dinosaur
Kevin Banner – Dreamboat
Charlie Demers – Fatherland
Gavin Matts – Premature

Most Enlightening Provocateur: James Kennedy
Katie-Ellen Humphries
Ryan Gunther
Kyle Bottom

Most Lovable: Dave Harris
Aaron Read
Graham Clark
Sophie Buddle

Best Comedian to Road Gig With: Ivan Decker
Chris Griffin
Erica Sigurdson
Kathleen McGee

Best Outsiders Gig: Heckler’s (Victoria)
Dakoda’s (Kelowna)
Ratfish (Victoria)
Queens (Nanaimo)

Best Clean Joke: Mayce Galoni – I’m Mad at You Too
Ivan Decker – Makeup
Joey Commisso – His Lawn
Aaron Read – Old Navy Captain

Best Dirty Joke: Sophie Buddle – Choking
Sophie Buddle – Buttering Toast with a Chainsaw
Kevin Banner – Fuck Me Harder Buddy
Kyle Bototm – Coming at the Same Time

Best Headshot: Efthimios Nasiopoulos & Kyle Bottom
Sophie Buddle
Ivan Decker
Kyle Bottom

Best Instagram Account: Jenny Toews
Dave Shumka
Graham Clark
Sophie Buddle

Best Twitter Account: Dave Shumka
Ivan Decker
Ryan Williams
Katie-Ellen Humphries

Best Youtube Clip: Aaron Read – Man loses his mind/ family dancing to Becker themsong for 1hour straight
Efthimios Nasiopoulos – Nescafé
Aaron Read & Ryan Beil – Ex Cop Roomate
Andrew Barber & Brian Cook – Fail Patrol

Best Local Indie Producer: Steve Allen & Laura Acilli
Colin Sharp
Suzy Rawsome
Ed Konya

Best Non-Comedian Comedy Supporter: Steve Allen
Doug Radford
Chantal Michaud
Joan Ullyett

Cutest Comedy Dog: Eugene McGee (Kathleen McGee)
Igor Bottom (Kyle Bottom)
Shilah La Woof (Suzy Rawsome)
Rosie Greenwood (Mike Greenwood)

Bomb of the Year: Byron Bertrum’s Trans Joke at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival Showcase

Chris Griffin saying the “N” Word at the JFL Showcase
Kyle Bottom NOT winning SIriusXM’s Top Comic
Yuk Yuk’s NOT getting sold

Joke of the Year: Katie-Ellen Humphries – Gender Reveal Party
Aaron Read – Drug Train
Ivan Decker – Big City
Kyle Bottom – Fancy Beyoncé

Breakout Artist: Aaron Read
Mayce Galoni
Gavin Matts
Harris Anderson