Comedy Short Shorts


Sunday, February 16


Vancity Theatre

Doors Open

6:30 PM

Show Time

7:00 PM


Show Details

Sometimes the best things can found in our own backyard! The Comedy Short Shorts showcase will feature the top comedic short films from the Pacific Northwest, as we shed a spotlight on our homegrown filmmakers. Films will be voted on by a jury of industry judges, with the first place winner taking home a $1000 CAD and package from our sponsors. They’ll then go head-to-head with the “World Wide Shorts” winner for the grand prize: a coveted screening slot at the internationally renowned Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal this upcoming July.



20 Minutes To Life
Burnaby, B.C. 
Directed by Veronika Kurz
Runtime: 11:51

Synopsis: 20 Minutes to Life is a short comedy about 11 year old “good kid” Olivia and her very first detention, which she imagines as a prison, complete with barred windows, guards, and a warden. Olivia must befriend the “bad kids” and figure out how to solve 20,000 math problems in 20 minutes in order to escape. 


Bird Boy
Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Charlotte Alison Labelle
Runtime: 8:31

Synopsis: When student reporter Nick Thompson encounters enigmatic photographer Bird Boy at an art show, he is determined to get an interview for the school paper. 


The Boss
Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Jeevan Johal & Robert Zawistowski
Written by Kevin Keegan
Runtime: 4:38
Synopsis: A 30 something dead beat café worker gets a little too liberal with the slang use of “boss”. When word gets out, he is confronted by the local mafia boss who doesn’t take kindly to his loose use of the title


Breakfast At Tiffany’s (The Song) The Movie
Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Owen Ellis
Runtime: 15:00

Synopsis: A man going about his very normal life enters a No Frills one night to grab a couple things, only to hear a one hit wonder from the 90’s entitled “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something. A song he’s heard a million times but never actually thought about. The song begins to haunt him everywhere he goes, eventually destroying the foundation of his sanity & grasp of normal life. This journey eventually leads hi to finding out that his life has more purpose than he believes. 


Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Jon Flahr & Benjamin Schuetze
Runtime: 4:28

Synopsis: You know those emails from the 90’s? The classic chain mail that promises everyone you love will die if you don’t forward it to 15 people with 24 hours…? This is the story of one such email. A Vancouver video production office explodes in chaos and terror before your eyes as keyboards and paper cutters become lethal weapons and friends and coworkers become blood thirsty killers. 


Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by David K. Greene
Written by Travis Briggs & David K. Greene
Runtime: 2:00

Synopsis: Catholic con men target a group of young people gambling on their Beyblades (or for legal purposes "battle tops")


Pizza Queen
Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Joseph (Mathieu) Langlois
Runtime: 6:30

Synopsis: Pizza Queen is a contemporary mockumentary about a food writer obsessed with pizza. She scours the city, tasting and re-tasting every slice in the city. Known throughout the city by both fans and enemies she speaks the truth on the world’s most popular food. The film delves into her psyche and the life and love she came from to become Pizza Queen.


Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Larke Miller
Runtime: 14:54

Synopsis: A young widow struggling to keep her organic walnut farm alive, resorts to hiring an “alien”. Little does she know, this charming stranger is actually a reptilian shape-shifter from Pluto. 


Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Levi McCachen and Dylan Playfair
Runtime: 4:01

Synopsis: Drew Ference, is a social media influencer addicted to the hustle. He's live streamed more by 6 a.m. than most people do all day. But his roommate Jen is fed up with his morning routine (his "Drew-tine") tying up their bathroom for hours on end. Drew has to make her realize he didn't choose the grind life, it chose him. 


So Why Am I In Hell?
Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy
Runtime: 8:03

Synopsis: Shortly after arriving to Hell, a confused Jenny is greeted by the Devil, who explains to her why she is there. 


Stack The Pads 
Vancouver, B.C.
Directed by Matt Brascia
Runtime: 5:00

Synopsis: An aging hockey goalie has produced an instructional DVD series and this is the infomercial for it. 

Age 19+