World Wide Shorts


Sunday, February 16


Vancity Theatre

Doors Open

4:00 PM

Show Time

5:00 PM


Show Details

You know what they say – the world is a funny place! With submissions coming in from across the globe, this showcase is composed of some of the world’s greatest comedic shorts. Films will be voted on by a jury of industry judges, with the first place winner taking home a $1000 CAD cash prize and package from our sponsors. They’ll then go head-to-head with the “Comedy Short Shorts” winner for the grand prize: a coveted screening slot at the internationally renowned Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal this upcoming July.


About A Short
California, USA
Directed by Kevin Yee
Runtime: 6:34

Synopsis: A short film about making a short film


Ontario, Canada
Directed by Gwynne Phillips, Chris Wilson & Briana Templeton
Runtime: 13:05

Synopsis: What happens when you don’t make eye contact while cheersing? When Tom’s paranoia about being purposely poisoned at a dinner party gets out of control, everyone who intervenes pays the price. 


Bad Morning
Nova Scotia, Canada
Directed by Adam Deviller
Written by Matt Chisholm & Adam Deviller
Runtime: 7:35

Synopsis: Two unscrupulous salesmen get more that they bargained for when they try to take advantage of a little old lady. 


Beautiful Boy
Runtime: 13:55

Synopsis: “Beautiful boy” is a black comedy about the importance of our legacy, the footprint we will leave in the world. Sometimes consumerism contaminates our intentions and we erroneously consider that "we are what we have".

Andrés is one of those people. He dedicates his life to collecting things routinely. Everything changes when he discovers that his latest collection is completed with his death.


Doubting Thomas
California, USA
Directed by Feraz Ozel
Written by Stephen Laddin and Thomas Dale
Runtime: 9:32

Synopsis: Thomas made it to 35 as a Gold-Star Gay: No woman ever shared his bed, or shower, or backseat... But after a night with his friend Liz turns into something more, he begins to question his entire existence. As his thoughts spiral out of control, Thomas seeks the advice from loved ones, and in the process learns something unexpected


Fairy Tail
Minnesota, USA
Directed by Justin & Kristin Schaack
Runtime: 4:00

Synopsis: A hopeless romantic discovers an unlikely intruder and finds love at first fight. 


California, USA
Directed by Katarina Hughes
Runtime: 10:00

Synopsis: After their friend gets her arm ripped off while taking a selfie with a hippo at the zoo, three friends and her work crush await her fate in the hospital waiting room. 


Model Citizens
Winnipeg, Canada
Directed by Taylor Brown
Written by Nate Flaman
Director of Photography: Laina Brown
Runtime: 5:40

Synopsis: An eccentric miniature artist disagrees with her brother’s approach to dinnertime. The harmony of their household depends entirely on the intervention of their friendly neighborhood pizza deliveryman.


No Days Off
Texas, USA
Directed by Peter Calvin
Written by Brent Crable
Runtime: 6:44

Synopsis: Two German soldiers car breaks down, they hate their job and decide to play hookie. This will not end well!


One Last Last Heist
Ontario, Canada
Directed by Darrin Rose
Runtime: 9:50

Synopsis: An Armed robber sets up his heartbroken buddy on a meet cute – during a heist. 


Massachusetts, USA
Directed by Luke Jarvis
Written by Rob Pooley, Corey Rodrigues & Luke Jarvis
Runtime: 7:38

Synopsis: A janitor is forced to defend his honor against a high school bully.

Age 19+